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Ongoing research

COLDIA: Co-occurrence of acute leukemia and type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents - Investigation of shared etiology and features

A multi-part research project using both register-based data and in its later stages also sequential biosamples. In near future, publications have been planned on spatio-temporal clustering, effects of antibiotic use, assosications with other autoimmune diseases and gut microbiome composition. The project enables completion of several MD and PhD theses. The acting PI is Atte Nikkilä.

FRECCLE: Finnish Register-Based Case-Control Study Of Childhood Leukemia

A mature project previously heavily focusing on the effects of low-dose ionizing radiation that has produced four original articles, a review article and has enabled participation in three large international collaborations. The dataset was renewed in 2022 and future studies with a new PhD student consider the effects of allergies and antibiotics on childhood leukemia risk. The acting PI is professor Anssi Auvinen from Tampere University, Finland.

CLIC: Childhood cancer and leukemia international consortium

The collaboration was founded to overcome the limitations of individual case-control studies of pediatric leukemia. The mission is to develop and support collaborations among epidemiologists, clinicians, tumor biologists, geneticists, immunologists, toxicologists, and/or statisticians.

Group member of HemoRes: Hemato-Oncology Research Group

A study group led by MD Olli Lohi focusing on the molecular and genetic basis of childhood leukemias and developing novel mechanism-based targeted therapies.

Other projects

- Register-based study on childhood CNS tumors (RiFaTuB)
- Finnish Register-based Childhood Cancer study (FINReCC)
- Clinical projects with NOPHO (Nordic society for paediatric haematology and oncology)
- EU collaboration considering health effects of radiation (RadoNorm)
- Clinical project on the effects of leukemia treatment on developing teeth
- Clinical project on spatio-temporal clustering of childhood inflammatory bowel disease.
- Peer-reviews as requested by journals

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